2016_06_25_130058Explorers are encouraged to lead themselves in deciding the programme and direction of the Unit, with support and guidance from leaders. The section also includes the Young Leaders’ Scheme, this is where young people help out at a younger section to get them ready for becoming a leader in the future. The can help out with Beaver, Cubs and Scouts. The will need to go to a Young Leaders training weekend to get the learn how to become a Young Leader. They will have to complete twelve modules to be a fully trained Young Leader. In Explorers there is bigger chance for activities like offshore sailing, campaigning, performing, parascending, mountaineering and expeditions. Our Explorers often socialize with other Explorers in events like Gillwell 24. Explorers have a massive rage of activity’s the can chooses from such as. Rock climbing, braking world recording, dragon boat racing and a lot lot more.

Recently Barming’s Explorer unit went on a camp for four days in North London. For one of the four day whilst they where there, they went up into Central London via the tubes to do the Monopoly challenge. The Monopoly challange is were you play Monopoly but you are the pieces on the bored and have to go to we you roll around London. This give them the opportunity to be independent in such a large area.

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