How to help find a cure for COVID-19

Bit of a weird one. But as Scouts I like to think we aim to be good.

Currently there is no cure for COVID-19. But what if we could help work out one?

So here’s a simple way to use your PC to help scientists at Stanford University (among others) find a cure for COVID-19 (and other things like cancer) this software runs calculations on your pc to help solve issues.

So to install follow these simple steps
1: Go to and download the software. (The more computers you put it on the better.)
2: Install and run the software you can set it’s impact levels on your pc. So if you want it to make no impact on performance select “low”
3: You can also join a team. I have a team set up for Reanimated Games (my video games business) our team number is 249300 if you want to join.
4: Remember to be safe in these hard times.